Smoothflo is a new and unique fightwear brand specialising in Jiu Jitsu attire that combines slick style with streamlined functionality.


Bringing a fresh look to the martial arts market place, the founders of Smoothflo take pride in the quality production of their fight-wear and are passionate about keeping Jiu Jitsu gear both well made and affordable.

Smoothflo garments are made from the finest materials, stitched to meet the greatest levels of comfort and passionately designed as works of art.
The brand was founded in the north of England, by two extremely passionate BJJ practitioners both of whom train, teach, live and love the BJJ lifestyle and sincerely hope to commit a valuable asset to the BJJ community through

Smoothflo Fightwear.

All of our gear is rigorously tested by multiple parties to ensure it meets the highest standard of quality long before it hits the market place and finds its place in your wardrobe.

Our service is unparalleled and we are absolutely convinced that you will love our products!