Caesar Premium Gi 450gsm

A fantastic Gi to add to your collection and an equally great Gi to start you Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey in! There is a limited number available for this design. Grab yours whilst you can!

Caesar Premium Gi 450gsm

  • Introducing the Smoothflo Caesar Premium Gi!


    • Awesome and unique Smoothflo design
    • Premium 450gsm pearl weave jacket
    • Breathable, comfortable and lightweight mesh lining
    • Reinforced stress points for ultimate durability

    The Gi is crafted using high quality, pearl weave, at 450 grams per square metre and is triple hemstitched for durability.


    This kimono will be your armour on the battlefield of the tatami!

    With reinforced stress points and an attention to detail which is second to none the Smoothflo Ceasar Premium Gi will make you look, feel and act like a champion!

    Our pants are woven with a durable 10oz cotton twill weave which unlike 'ripstop' will rarely stick to your legs.


    The jacket features a breathable and comfortable lightweight mesh lining covering the top half of the torso and halfway down the sleeve.

    This Gi is comfortable whether your soaked in sweat after a tough session or just about to step up to the mats.


    Stand out from the crowd with our slick signature Smoothflo logo and our uniquely handwritten Smoothflo font which is beautifully embroidered on the jacket and the pants.


    Train like a champ and feel good in the process with the Caesar Premium Gi!

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