Venus Rashguard

Have you ever seen a skull made of flocking butterflies? Didn't think so... Grab yours today!

Venus Rashguard

  • Introducing the Smoothflo Venus Rashguard!


    • Unique and awesome skull-butterfly design
    • Comfortable and lightweight construction
    • Durable 4-way stretch fabric
    • Moisture-wicking and odour blocking fabric

    Stand out from the crowd with the cool and unique artwork of the Venus Rashguard. Named after the Roman Goddess of beauty - this design is a thing of beauty!


    Featuring a unique skull of flocking butterflies, combining the harshness of combat with an eloquent feminine touch!

    This rashguard looks absolutely awesome when worn with the Venus spats, a truly unique and awesome design that will make your training partners jealous - even the guys!

    The rash guard is both comfortable and durable, made with a quality 84% spandex and 16% polyester fabric blend. Built with an intelligent panel to panel structure and combined with high-quality flat-lock stitching.


    Our four-way stretch material ensures that you won't suffer any unnecessary rips or tears.

    Help us win the battle against bad jiu-jitsu odours and smelly training partners with our moisture-wicking and odour blocking fabric!


    What are you waiting for?! Hit the 'Add to Cart' button and grab yours today!

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